EWS Water Diagnostic Flowmeter

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The EWS digital flow meter is a simple and compact measuring device for determining the volumetric flow and temperature of water at taps. A sophisticated sensor system handles measurements simultaneously, quickly and accurately. Communication and data collection is via Bluetooth and a mobile application.

  • Measuring range (l/min.) – 1.5 to 17.5 l/min.
  • Transfer of measured data – Mobile device (Bluetooth®)
  • Supply voltage – 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
  • Dimensions W x H x D: 71 x 158 x 97 mm

EWS Water Diagnostic Flowmeter

The EWS Digital Water Diagnostic Flowmeter is a useful tool for checking valves and measuring water flow per minute. This flowmeter allows you to get accurate information about water flow and perform diagnostics on various water systems. With a digital flowmeter, you will be able to measure water flow in real time, allowing you to identify potential problems with your fixtures or detect potential leaks. With accurate measurements, you will have a better overview of your water consumption and can manage your water use more efficiently.

Flow measurement

It enables accurate and reliable flow measurements due to its ability to process and digitally display the measured data


You can easily pair the flow meter with all Android and iOS devices using the app AFRISO TOOLBOX.

Problem detection

It has the ability to detect and report potential problems in the flow, which enables a response timely and prevention of possible malfunctions.

Revision of valves

It is able to perform valve overhaul thanks to its integrated technology that provides information on the status and functionality of the valves

Diagnostics and inspection of valves with one device

With our flowmeter you will have complete control over your water systems. With advanced technology and innovative features, you will become an expert in the diagnosis and management of water valves. Detect hidden problems and prevent unwanted leaks or malfunctions.

New innovative technology brings revolutionary solutions in the field of valve diagnostics and inspection. Thanks to a single device that combines advanced sensors and software tools, it is now possible to perform complex diagnostics and inspection of different types of valves efficiently and reliably.

This multi-functional device allows detailed monitoring of the condition of valves during operation, which includes the detection of potential faults, leaks or wear. With compatibility with different types of valves and the ability to perform real-time measurements and analysis, it increases maintenance efficiency and reduces the risk of unexpected failures.

Measurement time

It allows you to accurately record the time taken for the measurement. This creates accurate records that are crucial for analysis and time management.

Temperature profiteering

Allows monitoring of temperature in real time. This is useful for immediate response to changes in temperature conditions.

Home screen

Volumetric flow rate of water

Keep in mind that this information must be seen in real life. This is a key case for monitoring water consumption and identifying leaks or spills.

of the graph

The graphs are visually intuitive and enable users to understand measured values more quickly. This is especially useful for users who are not experts in the field.

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EWS Water Diagnostic Flowmeter
799,00  incl. I.V.A.
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