Economical Eco Water Saving® Flow Restrictors and Regulators

Our economical flow restrictors and shower regulators reduce water flow by 50 to 70%. Save on water charges, wastewater fees, and water heating energy without sacrificing comfort!

Technology that saves your finances

Lifespan guarantee of up to 10 years

Environmentally friendly products

Best selling products

Currently the most popular and special products from our offer.


Save money on water charges from the public water network.


Save money on sewage disposal and treatment.


You are thinking about the future generations of our planet.


Reduce spending on hot water heating without of comfort.

Where else can the technology be used?


• Smaller housing units
• Medium family houses
• Large apartment buildings

Social services

• Hospitals and centres
• Social service homes
• Day service centers

Educational premises

• Primary and kindergarten schools
• School canteens and day care centers
• Conference spaces

Production spaces

• Factories and production halls
• Cold storages and freezers
• Technical spaces


• Dormitories and hostels
• Motels and apartments
• Hotels and guesthouses

Legal entities

• International organisations
• Specific subjects
• Legal entities

Installing Eco Water Saving®

Eco Water Saving® - Our mission in Italy

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