Water tap saver M24 – antivandal

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Device applicable in sink. External thread, flow rate 4 l/min or 6 liters/min. Patented technology mixes water with air bubbles.

  • Water flow rate (l/min) – 4 liters / min, 6 liters / min.
  • Brand – Eco Water Saving®
  • Security – Anti-vandalism system
  • Thread type – External thread (M24x1)
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Water tap saver M24 - antivandal

Looking for a way to save money and reduce your water bill? This FA10701 M24 external thread (M24x1) water saver is designed for the most common types of faucets used in sinks and basins (internal thread on the hook).

External threading

Plastic filter

The savers are easily adjustable; you can choose a flow rate of 4 l/min or 6 l/min as needed. The patented technology mixes the water with air bubbles, and the water looks wonderfully soft. All Eco Water Saving aerators and savers are certified as a product for direct contact with drinking water according to Decree No. 409/2005 Coll. as amended.

Protective metal elements

The metal elements of our energy-saving device protect against wear and tear and ensure long life even with frequent use.

Saves cold and hot water

With Eco Water Saving you save not only cold water, but also precious hot water, which means double savings on water costs.

Anti-scale system

Our water saver is equipped with a physical locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized removal or theft of the product in public space.

5 years warranty to the product

We give all customers a five-year warranty for the Eco Water Saving M24 Antivandal water saver with the highest quality guarantee.

Product installation

Installation is very simple and you can easily do it yourself without any special tools.

  • You loosen the old aerator and remove it along with the old sealing rubber.

  • Then screw the new water saver FA10701 M24 onto the sink faucet.

  • Use the M24 safety key to tighten the lock, which prevents unauthorized removal of the product from the faucet

Water Flow Rate

4l/min., 6l/min.

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Water tap saver M24 – antivandal
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