Economic shower head EWS Technology

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The EWS Technology shower head is designed to save you water and personalize your shower experience. With our smart technology, you can precisely adjust the water flow to your preference with a simple control hole. Not only do you save on water, but you also regulate the intensity and power of the water flow.

  • Measuring range (l/min) – | 9l/min | 12l/ min.
  • Brand – EWS
  • Standard warranty – 120 months
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Economic shower head EWS Technology

Our shower head is designed to save water and give you an amazing shower experience. With our smart technology, you can use the simple control hole to precisely control the water flow to your preference.

Not only will you save on water, but you can also adjust the intensity and strength of the water flow. Our product is the result of our research and innovation.

Flow reduction

Technologies enable a pleasant showering experience with less water volume

Reduction hole

The reduction hole on the shower head allows easy adjustment of the water flow to suit your needs.

Hose compatibility

The universal design of our shower heads makes it easy to use with common hoses in your bathroom.

Easy installation

No special skills are required to install our energy-saving shower head.

Our advanced technologies allow us to minimize water consumption without compromising comfort. In addition, we have focused on durability and ease of maintenance to ensure your experience with our shower head is hassle-free for the long term. The standard flow rate of the shower head is 12l/min.

Why choose an EWS energy saving head?

With our product, you not only reduce your ecological footprint, but also save water and energy, which helps protect the environment and save money. The EWS shower head in chrome has a total of 48 nozzles (6×8), which provide protection against limescale and prolong the life of the product. The technology is integrated inside the shower head.

Assembly | Product Installation

Installation is very simple and you can easily do it yourself. Make sure the water is shut off, remove the existing shower head (unscrew it counterclockwise and use a wrench to loosen the lug nut). Clean the threaded part of the shower arm. Connect the shower head. Make sure the thread on the shower head matches the threaded arm. Carefully attach the shower head to the shower arm by hand and turn it clockwise until it is snug and secure. If necessary, we will be happy to advise you by phone on the installation of products purchased from our e-shop.

Why choose our water savers?

We are a family business operating on the Czech and European markets, offering solutions in the field of environmentally friendly water saving. Our universal scrubbers meet sanitary safety tests. They are also patented to prevent clogging due to dirt. The products are manufactured in the Czech Republic and carry the Eco Water Saving label.

✓ Thanks to our products you will reduce water consumption by up to 70 percent ✓ It is the foundation of every green home ✓ Guaranteed return on investment within 2-3 months ✓ The provenance of the products offered is documented by the Chamber of Commerce.

Savers’ design uses a uniform visual style of international character and builds an identity that conforms to standards.

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Economic shower head EWS Technology
36,55  incl. I.V.A.
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